• Participating in Elections is a Privilege and Honor!!


    If you (or any registered voter in your family) are Unable to Vote On Election Day, please
    click here to download a Mail in (Absentee) Ballot


    A voter may apply for a Mail-In Ballot by mail up to 7 days prior to the election. He or she may also apply in person to the County Clerk until 3 P.M. the day before the election. Note also that voters have an option of indicating on an application for a Mail-In Ballot that they would prefer to receive a ballot for each election that takes place during the remainder of the calendar year. Voters also now have an option of automatically receiving a Mail-In Ballot for each General Election. If such voter no longer wants this option, the County Clerk’s office must be notified in writing.


    1. You must be a registered voter in order to apply for a Mail-In Ballot.

    2. Once you apply for a Mail-In Ballot, you will not be permitted to vote by machine at your polling place in the same election.

    3. You will receive instructions with your ballot.

    4. Your Mail-In Ballot must be received by the County Board of Election before close of polls on Election Day.

    5. Do not submit more than one application for the same election.

    6. You must apply for a Mail-In Ballot for each election, unless you designate otherwise under “Voter Options.”