• Food Allergy Procedures


    Dear Allamuchy Families:


    For the safety and well being of our children, careful attention is always paid to what, when and how our children enjoy food at school.  Such situations include not just the cafeteria lunch period but snacks in class, as well as food shared in the spirit of celebration for special occasions.  In such situations our intention is to put safety first.  Of particular concern are those foods that contain allergenic ingredients specifically peanuts/tree nuts.  Our practice, is to exclude such items for general consumption including classroom parties and school-sponsored events.  An individual who has a severe food allergy may become ill from simple contact with residue from allergens; this means that merely coming into contact with a person or surface previously in contact with an allergenic substance can result in severe allergic reactions.  Allergic reactions can result in serious harm, and even fatalities.  We rely on the cooperation of our families to minimize, if not eliminate, any circumstances that might compromise student and staff safety in this way. 


    All food products brought to school for sharing must be in a store-bought sealed package with its ingredients clearly listed.  If the food intended for sharing is found to contain an allergenic ingredient, every effort will be made to contact the parent/family so that a substitution can be made. 


    Please keep in mind that different manufacturers produce a food brand line that ingredients are frequently changed.  Hence, ingredients lists need to be checked every time a food item is brought in for consumption and shared food items cannot be made in a facility that also processes tree nuts/peanuts. 


    NEW: In the evolution of our practices we will now have a tree nut/peanut free table during each lunch period.  If your child has a serious tree nut/peanut allergy, you must complete the additional form attached.  If a non-allergic companion would like to sit at the tree-nut/peanut free table, that child must purchase a lunch from school.


    We appreciate our families taking these simple steps to help ensure our most important responsibility, the safety of our children.



    Saundra VanStone-Rubenstein, R.N.

    Seth Cohen, Principal

    Food Allergy Action form for parents/doctors to complete if your child has a food allergy