• The Wizard of OZ

    Welcome to Drama Club. We are over the rainbow excited to be working with you and your child to have the most successful school production ever! Your drama advisors are Mrs. Cleere (mcleere@aes.k12.nj.us), Mrs. Arrambide (marrambide@aes.k12.nj.us) and Mrs. Guido (hguido@aes.k12.nj.us). Wizard of Oz Young Performers Edition is a whimsical musical with plenty of roles to go around. 



    Drama Crew does not have to attend tryouts (obviously). Audition packets were provided to each student regardless of the role he/she is auditioning for. Each student auditioning will need to sing a song and read a section of dialogue. Look through the packet to determine which role you are preparing for. Tryouts will be held on Tuesday (10/22) for main cast roles and cross country members (regardless of role) and Thursday (10/24) for ensemble roles. We will send you (the student) an email with your tryout date. Once we do first round auditions we may have call backs to decide between students for a specific role. During tryouts we are looking at the following: singing ability (depending on role), ability to act like one of the characters (voice, actions, personality), ability to perform in front of people, and ability to project your voice. Also, height and physical appearance may be considered for certain roles in order to make the characters believable. All of the rehearsal tracks can be found on YouTube if you search Wizard of Oz Young Performers Edition.


    Drama Rehearsals 

    Rehearsals will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These dates will be scheduled based on your child’s role in the play. We plan to work our way through the play scene by scene. We will make sure each student know which scenes he or she is in and we will put together a calendar that tells which scenes we are doig each day.  If you child does not have rehearsal, he/she can be practicing and rehearsing at home. We will supply everything your child will need to be successful in his/her role before rehearsals begin on November 12th. 



    Unfortunately putting on a spectacular production is expensive. We have several fundraisers planned for the year. Our first will be a breakfast at Applebees on November 23rd. The 5th and 6th grade students (cast and crew) will seat people and possibly take orders while the 7th and 8th grade students will serve the food. We will need help selling tickets for this event. Tickets will be $10.00 each. More information will follow soon.  We will keep you posted of other fundraising ideas as we get closer (and we are always open to suggestions)! Just a reminder, drama club is subject to the Pay to Play policy and students will not be able to rehease or come to crew until they have paid the fee to the front office. 


    Our Mission

    Our mission is to teach the children about the ins and outs of the theatre, develop an understanding of teamwork, build a sense of community and responsibility, and discover how collaboration and hard work can culminate into something simply amazing. Our meetings will be fun, supportive, and productive assuming everyone pulls his or her own weight. We will be handing out a contract for the students and parents to sign as part of our effort to hold students accountable for their own actions. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.