Dorothy Gale: A sweet, innocent young lady with a streak of boldness, outspoken and headstrong, who dearly loves her family, friends and dog, Toto; Lives on farm in Kansas with her Aunt Em & Uncle Henry, but dreams of escaping to a far-off place where she will not get into trouble; Strong vocalist and dancer required.

    Aunt Em Gale: A typical, hard-working farmer’s wife who is firm & no-nonsense but also warm and caring; Sings reprise of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” as a duet with Dorothy

    Uncle Henry Gale: Farmer whose wife, Em, runs things; Adoring uncle to Dorothy; Nonsinging role

    Hunk (Scarecrow): Clumsy farmhand on the family’s Kansas farm; Both characters talk about being smart and having a brain

    Hickory (Tin Man): Kind, sweet and nurturing farmhand; Tin man has no heart but is very caring

    Zeke (Lion): Farmhand who lacks courage; Acts tough, but fearful self comes out in any scary situation

    Miss Gulch (Wicked Witch of the West): Well-off, cold-hearted Gale neighbor who hates Toto; Nonsinging role

    Professor Marvel (Wizard): Traveling salesman who lives by telling fortunes; A bit of a conman but with a good heart; Non-singing role

    Glinda (Good Witch of the North): Mother figure for Munchkins and Dorothy whom she guides through Oz; Delicate and graceful



    Cyclone: Dancers will help create the tornado effect through interpretive dance, moving scenery and manipulating puppets or rigged costumes; Non-singing roles

    Cyclone Victims: (one liners), Lady (in rocking chair), Cow (2 people), Men (2 in row boat)

    Munchkins: Little people who live in Munchkinland where Dorothy’s house lands after the cyclone; Enthusiastic and celebrate joyfully; All sizes eligible; Includes Teachers (2), Barrister, City Fathers (2) with lines; Mayor and Coroner with lines and vocal solos; Also Tots (3) and Tough Guys (3) who sing

    Yellow Brick Roadsiders: Represent the background during scenes with Dorothy meets Scarecrow, Tin Man & Lion, including Apple Trees (3 of which sing), Wild Trees & Crows (3 sing – probably puppets)

    Jitterbugs: Forest creatures who serve the Wicked Witch to dance the shoes off of Dorothy’s feet! Fast-paced swing number

    Optimistic Voices: Late 1930’s-style female vocal trio (or more) who sing short chorus to welcome Dorothy and group to Emerald City

    Doorman & Guard: Comical characters in Emerald City; Doorman starts out tough but melts into a softy; Guard also changes from harsh to sympathetic

    Ozians: Citizens of Emerald City with group song and dance; Costumes include Stylists, Tin Restorers, Straw Stuffers and Cat (who briefly distracts Toto – likely a puppet)

    Winged Monkeys: The Wicked Witch’s menacing animal army

    Nikko: Leader of the Winged Monkeys with a few lines

    Winkie Guards: The Wicked Witch’s enslaved guards who are overjoyed at her death

    Leader of Winkies: Head Guard with a few lines