• Reading

    Monthly Accelerated Reader Book


    Every month, each 7th and 8th grader will be required to read 1 book independently.  This must be done in a 4 week timespan.  All reading will be done at home.
    Almost any book is acceptable to read.  Prior to selecting a book, the student must go to AR Book Finder and make sure their book is listed and worth at least 6 AR points. 
    The students will be given a "QUIZ" date.  On that day, each student will take a computer generated quiz on that book.  If a student finishes the book early, he or she may quiz early with teacher permission. There are usually 10 or 20 comprehension questions specifically geared towards that book. 
    Immediately following, the students will receive a grade.  Parents can contact Mrs. Ricci to have AR grades emailed home.
    All grades are a quiz grade.
    The first AR quiz for 7th and 8th grade will be Tuesday, October 10, 2017. 
Last Modified on August 30, 2017