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Hurricane Harvey Relief

Dear Allamuchy Families,

You may recall that the Third Grade classes recently organized a drive on behalf of schools and students impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

The images we see on television and in the media cannot effectively portray the devastation and loss faced by these citizens.  We’ve learned from our contact that between 50 and 65% of the Cypress Hill students and staff have lost homes and vehicles as a result of Hurricane Harvey. On top of that, 4 of the 6 school campuses are uninhabitable for the same reason, so many teachers can't even go to work to get away from hurricane recovery since they are not on their own campuses. 

We are humbled by your generosity and thank you for your support. You opened your hearts and we collected hundreds of pencils, notebooks, crayons and markers along with backpacks, food and other assorted items that totaled over 700 pounds!

We’ve packed up the items and have been in touch with our sponsored school; they are so grateful for your kindness. They have reached out via mail, but are still not in their school. They will be skyping with the students at some point this year to thank them for their generosity. The Allamuchy community always lends a hand to those in need, and your time and help is always appreciated!

                                                                                                Thank You!