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Teen Parent

Dear Allamuchy Township School Families:



During the next few weeks, we will be participating in the Child Assault Prevention (CAP) Project. The success of the CAP project depends on the support of the school community.     Every year the NJ CAP program trains approximately 100,000 children and 15,000 adults.


The CAP Program aims to prevent child assault by teaching children to recognize and deal with potentially dangerous situations, and by training teachers and parents to help prevent the victimization of children.  The program has three components:  a parent program, a teacher/staff in service, and individual classroom workshops for children.


We invite you to attend the CAP parent workshop on Wednesday April 3, 2019 @ 6:00 pm at the Mountain Villa School.  This program includes information on child sexual assault, identification of child assault victims, reporting of abuse, and crisis counseling skills.  There will also be a detailed description of the children's workshop.


The classroom workshop consists of guided group discussions of children’s rights and role plays designed to help children recognize and deal effectively with potentially dangerous situations including child against child (bullying), adult stranger against child, and assault involving a known adult. Discussions help children identify what options they have to protect themselves.  The strategies presented are self-assertion, peer support, and telling a trusted adult. If for some reason you choose to deny your child permission to attend this life saving workshop, you must notify the classroom teacher in writing by _Friday April 5, 2019.


During the CAP workshop, children are encouraged to share their experiences and concerns with the adults in their lives and it is important for parents to be willing and able to respond to these concerns. We hope you will join with us in participating in this valuable program.  For additional information on the CAP program you may wish to visit their website at and view their CAP Community Affairs video at .


Please remember…..If for some reason you choose NOT to have your child participate in the CAP program and give them the opportunity to attend this child safety workshop, you must notify your student’s classroom teacher in writing by _Friday April 5, 2019.Thank you.