• Mrs Gulick
               Mrs. Gulick
           Email:  jgulick@aes.k12.nj.us
           Subject/Grade: K-8
           Phone Ext.: 129
    paint cups      Welcome to the Art Room!   watercolor
              My name is Mrs Gulick and I am the art teacher for both Allamuchy Township School and Mountain Villa School!  Check back here to find out about art projects, special activities/events and other art-related information!
    Take a look below to see a few of the Art projects we created during the 2021-2022 school year!
    Winter Cabin 6th Grade                   1st Grade Under the Sea                
     6th Grade -Winter Cabin in Watercolor                          1st Grade- Under the Sea Painting
    2nd Grade- Sea Turtle in Pastel and Marker  3rd Grade- Painted Sunset       3rd Grade Pop-Out Landscape                      
            2nd Grade- Sea Turtle          3rd Grade-Painted Sunset    3rdGrade Pop-out Landscape
    Kindergarten- Chameleon!           4th Grade-O'Keefe Flower Painting      
    Kindergarten- Chameleons!                                  4th Grade- Georgia O'Keefe Flower Painting
    5th Grade Ladybug      5th Grade Shoe Drawing
    5th Grade- Paper Mache Ladybug               5th Grade- Shoe Drawing
    7th Grade- Op Art     7th Grae-Stippling7th Animal Mask
    7th Grade- Op Art                                      7th Grade-Stippling            7th Grade-Animal Mask
    8th Grade- Zentangle Silhouette  8th Grade- Zentangle Silhouette     2022 Hands
                  8th Grade- Zentangle Silhouette in Ink                                     8th Grade- 2022 Hands
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