• What is the PTO???

    Roll up your sleeves and join the party!

    PTO, or Parent Teacher Organization, is our school's dream team, uniting parents, family members, teachers, and administrators. We're the behind-the-scenes superheroes, orchestrating exciting events, stocking up on supplies for our students and staff, and joining forces with others to sprinkle some extra magic on our students' school journey.

    So, come on board and let's make school the best adventure ever!

    What does the PTO do???

    ORGANIZE: Get ready to dive into a whirlwind of fun and excitement with our PTO! We're the masterminds behind your favorite school events, activities, and fundraisers.

    Ever wondered who brings you the magical world of Book Fairs or the spooky fun of Trunk of Treat?

    That's us!

    We also spread holiday cheer with our Holiday Shop, test your luck at Tricky Tray, and show our gratitude during Teacher Appreciation.

    And who could forget the exhilarating Field Day?

    But hold onto your hats, because we're just getting started! This year, we're adding even more thrilling events to our roster.

    Stay tuned!

    ENHANCE: Our PTO is on a mission to make our school the coolest place to learn!


    Well, with your help, we're raising funds to bring tech, the most riveting books, and all the supplies and equipment our students need to thrive. But that's not all!

    We're also making sure our students have a blast outside the classroom by funding super exciting extracurricular activities like Boating and Archery Programs. So, let's join hands and make our school an unforgettable experience for our students!

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