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    Nurse's Top 10 List
    It has been the experience of the school nurses at Allamuchy that parents have been cooperative in working with us to provide a safe environment in our school. In order to ensure the safety of your child, we would like to review a few important guidelines.
    1. Daily attendance is monitored through the Health office. A confidential voice mail is operational 24 hours per day at 908-852-7222 at ATS and 908-852-1894 (prompt #6 and #2) at Mountain Villa. We are legally obligated to verify each student's status who is not present in school. Call your child out absent to 908-852-7222/908-852-1894 (#6/#2) and state the child’s name, grade, teacher, and reason for absence. Alternatively, you may notify the nurse via email. Further, any child not in the classroom at 8:30AM is marked absent so if your child is tardy for any reason, leave a message as to when you expect the student will arrive. Further, it is essential that tardy students enter via the main office to obtain a pass. Please note, even if you notify the classroom teacher, you must also notify the nurse.
    2. Emergency Cards must be completed on BOTH sides. Please provide all contact numbers and at least TWO LOCAL EMERGENCY CONTACTS who can transport your child and assume responsibility in your absence. We cannot release a student to a family member or friend unless listed on the medical card-verbal permission cannot be accepted. Remember to notify the office IMMEDIATELY of any changes during the school year. Please note it is required to list your child's health insurance information. If you do not have medical insurance, please contact the NJ Family Care (800) 701-0710 or http://www.njfamilycare.org/.
    1. Screenings: Annually the school nurse screens vision, hearing, height/weight and blood pressure for each child as per the NJ School Nurse Guidelines. Scoliosis screenings are offered to 5th and 7th grade students and as the children are required to disrobe their shirt, permission slips are required. Parents can choose to have the scoliosis screening performed by their private healthcare provider as long as written documentation of the result is provided to the school nurse. 
    1. Physicals: It is required for each child to have a copy of an up to date physical exam on file with the nurse. Physicals are required for newly transfered students and upon Kindergarten and 6th grade entry. It is also required for any student participating in a school sport to submit an annual physical. 
    1. Vaccinations are mandatory and the school nurse must be provided the most updated vaccination record annually. After a review of the records, the nurse will notify you if any further immunizations are required; please be aware vaccination requirements vary by grade and birth date. Any requests for copies of the students ’ vaccination records must be in writing addressed to the school nurse. 
    1. Medication administration : Students cannot carry a medication on their person. There are exceptions to this rule for certain life threatening conditions such as diabetes, anaphylaxis and severe asthma and special arrangements will be made through the nurse and your healthcare provider. Written orders from your healthcare provider must be provided to the school detailing the type of illness, the name of the medication, dosage, route, and time of administration. An adult must deliver the medication in its original container. It is not acceptable for a student to carry medication on the school bus.
    1. Physical education: The school nurse is only able to provide a ONE day pass if the parent writes a note or calls the nurse to request their child sit out . If the student requires two or more days to recover from an illness or injury, a healthcare provider’s note will be required indicating the injury/illness, length of recovery and a date as to when the student can resume participation in physical education.
    1. Classroom parties and celebrations enhance the student’s school experience yet we need to be mindful to ensure a safe environment for all students.  Our school’s policy for sharing food is to allow only non-allergenic, store-bought, sealed foods with the ingredients clearly listed. Additionally, we cannot serve any food made on equipment that processes common allergens. Avoidance is the only way to prevent an allergic reaction.  Although we support parents’ providing fresh fruits and vegetables, we must ensure the products remain in compliance with our policy; therefore we cannot allow fruits/vegetables that have been cut at home due to the risk of cross-contamination.  Other suggestions include pre-packed/cut up fruit (i.e. apple slices or baby carrots) and small pre-packed fruit cups (i.e. apple sauce or mandarin oranges) as a possible solution. Allamuchy Township School promotes awareness and education about food allergies and more information can be obtained at the Food Allergy Network www.foodallergy.org.  Food and snacks for parties must comply with the mandatory Federal Wellness policy and CANNOT HAVE SUGAR (IN ANY FORM) LISTED AS THE FIRST INGREDIENT.  Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (FMNV) are banned such as spun candy, candy, soda water, and chewing gum.  Please be sure to contact the classroom teacher and school nurse to make specific arrangements and plan the food items.

    1. Snacks: K-2 will eat in their classrooms and we ask that you provide a non-allergenic snack. Grades 6-8 have a late lunch and administration will allow, at the teacher ’s discretion, a non-allergenic snack of a fresh fruit, vegetable, or compact healthy snack (i.e. gogurt) but it is essential to keep disruptions at a minimum. As grades 3-5 have a mid-day lunch, snacks should not be necessary. It is our intent to allow a short snack in the classrooms however to keep this interruption as short and easy as possible, we ask that parents provide a small healthy snack.
    1. Breakfast: The school nurse cannot stress enough the importance of a good breakfast. All children benefit both physically and mentally from a good breakfast.