• While toileting your child please keep in mind the following:
    1. Adhere to a schedule such as sitting on or standing at the toilet every 20 minutes. This does not mean for the entire day but as much as you can without causing disruption to your household. A kitchen timer might be a helpful reminder.
    2. Use consistent language to cue your child each time you toilet your child. Some common language cues may be: "It's time for the bathroom." "Put pee in the toilet." "Let me hear it." "Wash hands."
    3. Keep a consistent toileting routine such as pee, wipe, flush, wash. Follow this each time and do not deviate by implementing a change such as washing before flushing when the previous time you had your child flush then wash. These subtle changes can cause confusion and slow progress.
    4. Give positive praise even if your child does not urinate while siting. You can say things like "Good try" or "We will try again later".
    5. Provide access to fluids liberally.
    6.Celebrate successes with big praise such as cheers, hugs, or access to preferred items/activities such as watching 2 minutes of a favorite video. This will help your child connect using the toilet to good things which in turn will speed progress!
    7. Remember, be patient and do not be frustrated with regression as it may happen occasionally.