• Welcome to the Allamuchy Township School District.  In 1910, the original Allamuchy Elementary School opened its doors to students in grades kindergarten through eight.  It was equipped with two classrooms and a conference area.  Until 1939, this school building served as the educational center for the children of Allamuchy.  In 1939, the school saw its first significant update.  Two classrooms and a board room were added.  It was also equipped with indoor restroom facilities, an all-purpose room and a kitchen.  But, in 1968, more was needed to serve the Allamuchy community.  The Allamuchy school house went through another renovation in which the total number of classrooms was increased to nine.

    The nine-classroom schoolhouse was able to host the town's student population for several more years.  However, with an increase in the town's population, the largest update to the school's facilities took place in 1986.  Ten classrooms, additional bathrooms, a library, gymnasium and a main office/business area were added at this time.  While construction was in progress, plans were in the works to expand the building again.  By 1996, a new middle school was added.  This area expanded the available classrooms and housed a science lab, computer lab, and a staff work room.

    With continued growth in the Allamuchy student population, the district purchased Villa Madonna and Rutherfurd Hall in 2008.  After construction to modernize the existing facilities and provide a new common space, including a multipurpose cafeteria/gym, library, and additional classrooms, in 2010, the Mountain Villa School welcomed its first group of new students.  Initially, the building housed preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students; second grade would attend two years later.

    As of 2022, Allamuchy Township School District serves approximately 450 students in grades Pre-K through eight.  Students in Pre-K through grade two attend Mountain Villa School, while students in grades three through eight attend Allamuchy Township School.  As part of a long-standing send-receive relationship, Allamuchy students in grades nine through twelve attend nearby Hackettstown High School.

    The Allamuchy Township School District encourages community and parental involvement in many areas. Programs and assemblies are brought in for the children on a regular basis. Additional programs and activities are coordinated through a very active and supportive PTO.  We are also fortunate to partner with the Rutherfurd Hall Foundation and the Friends of Rutherfurd Hall in maintaining and showcasing one of the area's premiere historical, cultural, and community sites.

    The overarching goal of the Allamuchy Township School District is to provide an environment that inspires, educates, and challenges each child to achieve his or her potential academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.  Students from kindergarten through eighth grade participate in character education programs that facilitate the development of interpersonal and social skills.  We envision our students entering the work force as adults who are lifelong learners, creative problem solvers, and are prepared to deal with an ever-changing and challenging world.  

    The Allamuchy Board of Education, administration, and instructional staff are committed to the implementation of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards within our own unique instructional program and curriculum.  The Allamuchy learning environment is varied and rich in opportunities for interactive student involvement, featuring classrooms that are designed around the use of state-of-the art instructional technology, including a one-to-one Chromebook initiative in grades five through eight.  Students in grades two through four have access to iPads and Chromebook carts.  We also believe in leveraging the natural beauty of our community; therefore, much of our curriculum incorporates activities revolving around outdoor educational experiences. 

    Allamuchy Township is located in the northeastern portion of Warren County in one of the most beautiful areas of rural New Jersey.  A significant portion of the land in the township is dedicated as open space, preserved parkland or in use as active farms.

Last Modified on October 9, 2022