• We aim to create an environment in the Allamuchy Township School District where all children feel safe, secure and ready to learn. Each year we provide lessons on character education, bullying, harassment and intimidation (HIB). Please click here to review our policy regarding HIB.
    In addition to remedial actions for bullying and harassment, we employ several proactive measures designed to catch children doing the right thing, and making good decisions. Our counselor facilitates the V-Free program where children are recognized for being Violence, Victimization, and free of Vandalism. Your child may come home with a V-Free certificate.  Each year a select group of students create V-Free marionette and perform a skit regarding character education to the school body.

    During the 2009-2010 school year the PTO provided support to bring the George Street Playhouse to our school and our students watched two performances. They included:
    Encouraging audience participation, Peacemaker is a charming parable of our increasingly diverse society, promoting an end to prejudice based on what people look like or where they come from.

    New Kid
    The New Kid addresses  racism, prejudice, peer pressure, and conflict resolution. New Kid asks students to explore issues of: moving to a new place, being the outsider, making and keeping friends.

    For our middle school students, in conjunction with Great Meadows and Hackettstown middle schools, we listed to Mr. Halligan tells us about Ryan's Story. It was an intense and moving experience that certainly caused our students to reflect.

    The 2011-2012 school years will be an outstanding year as our programs evolve and the strength of the PTO, ATEF, and BOE join to continue our goal of making the ATSD a safe place for all to learn and grow.