• A Note From the School Nurses




    Dear Allamuchy Families: 


    For the safety and well being of our children, careful attention is always paid to what, when and how our children enjoy food at school.  Such situations include not just the cafeteria lunch period but snacks in class, as well as food shared in the spirit of celebration for special occasions.  In such situations our intention is to put safety first.  Of particular concern are those foods that contain allergenic ingredients (i.e. strawberries, chocolate, various nuts).  All food products brought to school for sharing must be in a store-bought sealed package with its ingredients clearly listed.  If the food intended for sharing is found to contain an allergenic ingredient, every effort will be made to contact the parent/family so that a substitution can be made.  It is also required that food for sharing NOT list sugar as the first ingredient.  We realize that this can create a challenge when planning a celebration and suggest using stickers/temporary tattoos/pencils/crafts as alternative solutions for the class party. 


    It has been the experience of the school nurses in Allamuchy that parents/guardians are very proactive in protecting our children.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation and support. 





    Scott Brady, R.N, BSN
    Jodie DeCostanza, R.N, BSN