• Remind directions
    What is Remind and why is it safe?
    Remind 101 allows teachers to send out a reminder to parents.  This is a site that will allow parents to receive a text message from the Kindergarten teachers to inform or remind parents of important events that are going on in school.  Though we are all using our phones, the cool part is that no phone numbers are exchanged.  Remind is a one-way text message and email system.  With Remind, all personal information remains completely confidential.  Teachers will never see your phone number, nor will you ever see theirs.  This is a great tool to use so that everyone can be aware of all of the fun events going on in Kindergarten! Follow the directions to sign up to receive text messages.   If you do not want to receive text messages you may sign up to receive emails.
     **Please note that ALL reminders for Kindergarten will come from Mrs. Samiljan's Remind account!