• Homework is given
    Mondays through Thursdays
     and will follow the following
    schedule most weeks:
         Mondays: Math and Vocabulary/Phonics
         Tuesdays: Math and Razz-Kids
         Wednesdays: Math and Grammar/Phonics
         Thursdays: Math and Razz-Kids
    Students will complete one activity of their choice from the monthly Speller's Choice Menu in their Speller's Choice Composition book.  Due on Thursday each week. At the conclusion of each five week Language Arts unit, students will enjoy a week of reduced homework! This is a great opportunity to read and earn a few extra AR points!
                                                     Dr. Seuss

         Reading is important! Please take the time to encourage your child to read a little each day.  Reading will make a huge impact on your child's fluency.  Allow reading to come alive and take your child to another world.  To make reading more fun, read under a blanket with a flashlight, outside, in a laundry basket, in a fort, or any other interesting place you can think of.  Allow your child to get lost in a book.  In order to help your child, ask them to read to you, or ask them some questions about what they just read.  Reading is the key and with us working as a team your child will succeed!