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    2020 Petitions Must be Filed in the County Office before 4:00pm on July 27, 2020



    School Board Petitions are to be submitted the same way they always have been in the past.  The full petition must be printed & completely filled out, front & back, by the candidate.  It must be signed and notarized like always.

    For the primary election and for independent municipal and county candidates for the general election the legislature approved an electronic signature sheet to be attached to the petitions in lieu of in person circulation and signing.  THIS HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED FOR SCHOOL BOARD PETITIONS!!!! School board petitions are as they have always been which is:

    1. The candidate prints & fills out both sides of the petition & signs in the appropriate places.

    2. If the candidate wants to run with another school board candidate they can use the same petition & signatures (both names must appear together on the front of the form) and each candidate must submit their own signed copy of the back page of the petition (so two candidates = one front page and two back pages) and they must designate a 3 word slogan that will be printed under each name to indicate they are running together.

    a. There can only be as many candidates on a joint petition as there are seats available.

    b. If you have a full 3 year term and an unexpired term, candidates can bracket together by using the same slogan however they can't use a joint petition as they are seeking different "offices".  If they want to bracket together I need a signed letter from each candidate indicating their desire to do so along with their petitions.

     3. Petitions require a minimum of 10 signatures of registered voters that live in the district where they are seeking election. I always recommend getting a few extra.

     4. If a solo candidate would like to use a 3 word slogan they can put it on the back side of their petition. It can't be the same as any other candidate for the same office and cannot use the word "Republican" or "Democrat" in any form.  If more than one candidate wants to use a particular slogan (but do not wish to bracket together) first submitted wins.

    One creative candidate called my office & asked if she completely filled out the front of the petition, email it out, have people print it out and sign it and then mail it back to her (NOT scan & email as I need original signatures), would I combine the sheets to meet the signature requirement?  The answer is yes.  So it could be 12 fronts of the petition with one signature each and one signed and notarized back (or more than one back if joint petition) and that would count as a complete and valid petition.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Warren County Clerk at 908-475-6215.