What is a Community Asset Map

  • Completing the Allamuchy Community Asset Mapping is part of our initiative to maintain our Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification. Allamuchy Community Asset Mapping is a collective inventory of the positive and valued aspects of our community, including the places, institutions, programs, and people that contribute to making our community a great place to learn and live.

    Community assets can include information on local artists, scientists, and other experts, parks, local historic buildings, and green businesses, but can also include resources like cultural activities and events, the arts, service organizations, social service agencies, and community organizations that are part of the greater community context.

    We've compiled a list of nearly 100 groups that are part of our community that include farms, businesses, restaurants, educational institutions, historical landmarks, medical facilities, parks and recreation, local government and public service, and community organizations. This document will be updated continually, so check back often. 

    ***Click HERE to help us continue to add places, groups, organizations, and people to our list.***

  • Community Organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Events
  • Historical Landmarks
  • Local Businesses and Restaurants
  • Local Government and Public Service
  • Locally Grown
  • Medical Facilities
  • Parks and Rec
  • Places of Worship and Cemeteries
  • Complete Community Asset Mapping
Last Modified on November 16, 2022