• Allamuchy Township School
    Gifted and Talented Program Summary
    The Allamuchy Township School District is committed to providing high quality educational experiences for all students.  Our School Wide Enrichment Program is comprehensive and diverse. Some of the activities include Chorus, Band, Drama Club, Lego Club, Yearbook, Cross Country, Track, Enrichment Mini Units, and Johns Hopkins CTY.  The School Wide Enrichment Program also includes scheduled time in environmental activities and many guest speakers at several grade levels on a variety of topics which include; State Senators, Bee Keepers, Character Education, Dinosaur Specialists, and Holocaust Survivors. The Allamuchy Township School District is also a member of the Warren County Consortium for Student Enrichment and participates in several events, including Battle of the Books, Battle of the Minds, Chess Tournament, Strategic Thinking Day, Poetry Contests and Fabulous Physics.
    Our Gifted and Talented program includes a pull out component for those students identified as gifted and talented. This program will begin during December 2016 and continue for the rest of the 2016-2017 school year. All students will be screened again over the summer and during the first few weeks of the 2017-2018 school year. Identification and inclusion will be reviewed on an annual basis. Students in grades K-3 are assessed using results from above grade level language arts and mathematics assessments as well as teacher recommendations and report cards or developing skills checklist. Students in grades 4-8 are identified utilizing multiple measures and associated weighted values, which include STAR assessment scores, PARCC scores, teacher and parent recommendation, and grade point average.