• March is Career Education Month


    In the past, Mrs. Profito and Miss. Megan has gone into the classroom to help jumpstart the career and college mindset.

    Kindergarten to Fourth Grade

    • We discuss different careers that are local to our families
      • Examples are: Police officer, nurse, teacher, dentist, retail worker
    • Basic information is shared on each job
      • Approximate salary 
      • Years of schooling
      • General description


    Fifth Grade to Seventh Grade

    • Students take different career inventories based on their age level
    • These career inventories help students explore different careers that they may have interest in


    Due to the school having a closure due to health related reasons, we wanted to give you some ideas to discuss with your student(s). 

    What can we do at home to help aid these conversations?

    • Promote positive career/trade talk
    • Discuss your own career/trade path with your child(ren)
    • Encourage conversations with your family members and student(s) to discuss their career path
    • Allow your student(s) time to research different careers/trades


    Why is it important to have these conversations?

    • These conversations allow career/trade explorations
    • They encourage our student(s) to believe in themselves and have open dialogue with their family members
    • These conversations will also assist with college exploration and the possible education path that can assist with high school planning