Think Before You Hit Send
  • Internet and Cell Phone Safety Rules to Remember

      1. Never let your phone take over your life
      2. Never text or talk while you are driving your feet, bike or car
      3. You’re phone and internet is there to help others, not hurt others
      4. Don’t always text… communicate by talking with others when you are with them 
      5. Is what you are doing going to pass the grandma test? Would your grandma be upset if she heard how you were talking, texting or messaging? If so, do not press send
      6. Ask others to take their picture, before taking their picture and posting it - If you would not want the picture on a billboard, do not post it


    Rules are paraphrase from the book Cell Phoney by Julia Cook


    From “Cyman Learns Gaming Smarts and Dangers” by Richard Guerry

    • Do not communicate with people you do not know
    • Do not share personal information
    • When playing games online, treat it as if you were playing on the soccer field, basketball court, etc. - you do not have time to share information about yourself
    • If someone is trying to get personal information from you, Tell an adult RIGHT away
    • If you are playing games online, make sure you know who you are playing with. 
    • Keep the language appriopriate and KIND