• Optional Goal Setting Activities

    Dear Parents,

    This website is designed for parents to discuss together with your students about the importance of setting goals. These activities are optional and easy to do!


    Mrs. Profito and Miss. Megan


    Kindergarten to Second Grade

    "Do the very best that we can"- Abraham Lincoln 


    Students will see the importance of setting and reaching personal goals

    • Activity:
      • Read this scenario with your child:
        • Morgan loves to play kickball at home and during recess at school. While she is a pretty good kickball player, she wants to get better. Morgan wants to be able to kick the ball harder. One day, she is talking to her step-father about her goal of being a better kickball player. 
          • What will Morgan's Step-father say?
          • What do you think Morgan should do to reach her goal?
    • Discuss:
      • Discuss some of the things your child would like to try or would like to get better at.
      • Share some of the goals that you have set and reach
    • Do:
      • Make a list of two goals your child would like to reach and some small steps for reaching those goals.
      • Post the list on the refrigerator door and help your child reach these goals.


    Third Grade to Fifth Grade

    "Keep your goal in mind and you will never forget it" - Joshua be-Sira


    Students will appreciate their own talents and see the importance of developing their abilities

    • Activity:
      • Read this scenario:
        • Wendy's uncle is a professional artist. He has sold many paintings at auctions. She would like to learn how to draw better.
    • Discuss:
      • How would Wendy's uncle will help her improve this skill.
      • What could Wendy do on her own to help improve her drawing?
        • Discuss with a professional
        • Daily Practice
        • Draw different pictures with guidance
        • Follow and learn how to draw videos on YouTube
    • Do:
      • Interview a family member to find out how they developed their talent and abilities.


    Sixth Grade to Eight Grade

    "No mountain is too high, no valley is too low; No forest is too dense, no water is too deep - if your mind is made up." - Jesse Jackson


    Students will see the importance of having hopes and dreams for their future

    • Activity:
      • Read this scenario:
        • Julie wants to be a lawyer and Renee wants to be a police woman. They are discussing how they can hold on to their dreams. 
    • Discuss:
      • How does talking to others, writing your goals down and hard work allow you to hold on to your dreams?
      • What can you do now to help you reach your dreams?
        • Try hard in school 
        • Stay healthy
        • Make good choices
        • Be responsible at home
    • Do:
      • Make a chart listing some of your dreams and what you can do now to reach each dream.


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