• Dear Parents, 

    This webpage is designed for parents to discuss together with your students the topic of self-control and self-discipline. These activities are optional and easy to do. 


    Mrs. Profito and Miss. Megan 


    Optional Self-Discipline Activities

    Kindergarten to Second Grade

    “If you have self-control, or are honest and work hard, you can do anything.” - Anonymous 


    Students will see the importance of self-control to keep others and themselves safe

    • Activity:
      • Read the scenario to your child:
        • “Natalie came home one day after school and her sister Evelyn was playing with her toys. She got very angry…”
    • Discuss:
      • What do you think Evelyn should do?
      • How can Natalie stay in control?
        • Walk away
        • Remind herself why she shouldn’t do it
        • Reflect on possible consequences
        • Think about how proud she will be if she made a good choice
        • Discuss what Natalie can do-
    • Do:
      • Pride
      • Becoming more self-aware
      • Understanding good choices
      • Together discuss the rewards of self-control

    Third Grade to Fifth Grade

    “If you learn self-control, you can master anything.” - Benjamin Franklin


    Students will see the importance of having patience.

    • Activity:
      • Read the scenario:
        • Helen is helping her mother shop at the grocery store.  She is tired and wants to go home. How can patience help Helen in this situation?
    • Discuss: 
      • Discuss with your student what can be done when it’s hard to be patient
        • Take a breath
        • Assist in the task
        • Think about how you are helping someone else
        • Say something positive
        • Use self-control
    • Do:
      • Think, Pair and Share
        • Think of a time you use patience
        • Share scenarios with each other about using tools to be patient


    Sixth to Eighth Grade

    “Nothing strengthens the judgement and quickens the conscience like individual responsibility.” Elizabeth Cady Stanton


    Students will understand the importance of making good choices and having a good conscience.

    • Activity:
      • Read the scenario
        • Dan needed a paperclip at school and saw three in the middle of his teacher’s desk. He reached over when she was not looking and took one. What would Dan’s conscience have to say about that action.
    • Discuss:
      • Discuss how to keep a “good” conscience which is when you feel good about yourself because you are making good choices for your life and the lives of others.
    • Do:
      • Reflect on the definition of “conscience” and explain how conscience gives us an inner sense of what is right and wrong
        • Definition- a sense of right and wrong and a feeling that what is right should be done (merriam-webster)


    All Activities and quotes are shared and developed by WiseSkills