• Good morning Parents and Guardians, 


    The month of November, we will be discussing the topic of Responsibility.

    Grade Kindergarten through Fourth grade, will be listening to stories about Responsibility. All optional worksheets and YouTube videos of the books will be in your student's google classroom. 

    Fifth grade will be doing some critical thinking after listening to a short story. The following books will be read in grade order:
    "The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade" by Justin Roberts - Everyone has the responsibility of being kind and making the right choice even when no one is watching.

    "Chamelia and the New Kid in Class" by Ethan Long - Being kind is being responsibile. Choosing to be kind, to everyone, even the new kid, you will make more friends and have more fun.

    "My Teacher is a Monster" by Peter Brown - Your behavior is your responsibility, and take responsibility for your actions.

    "Plankton Is Pushy" by Jonathan Fenski - Setting boundaries and respecting other people's boundaries is your resposibility.

    "The Bad Seed" by Jory John - It is our responsibility to recongize our feelings. We are also responisible for how we react to situations and feelings. When recognize our feelings, we can then react appropriately.

    Short Story will be about Icarus (Character Counts) and how we are responsible for our actions and the consequences that come with them.


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